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Class of 2014 - How will you be remembered?

Princess dresses, sparkling limousines and the dangers of alcohol

A prom night should be a night to remember for the right reasons – this is the message from Hertfordshire’s Alcohol Campaigns Group through the County Community Safety Unit as it launches its new social media campaign: ‘Class of 2014 – How will you be remembered?’Drunk pictures can do a lot of DAMAGE

The campaign, which launches on June 1st, uses a mocked–up social networking page: ‘Prombook’ and will appear on the Hertfordshire Alcohol Campaigns website.

A web advert based on the mocked-up social networking site will also be appearing on websites which are used by teenagers, including Facebook and Spotify and, when users click on them, they will be redirected to the ‘Prombook’ site, which features key messages about the dangers of consuming too much alcohol.

Alcohol is a DEPRESSANTParents and Guardians of school–leavers attending these events have also had letters sent to them from Hertfordshire County Council and the County Community Safety Unit advising them of the dangers of underage drinking and excess alcohol.

The letter also offers advice to parents on ensuring that their sons / daughters get home safely after the event.

Michael Nadasdy, chair of the Hertfordshire Alcohol Campaigns Group, said: “Using social media was the most effective way of targeting the age group we needed to reach and is a creative way of getting a serious message out to teenagers.

"We are also enlisting those with the greatest influence: parents and guardians. School Prom nights are typically well run and organised with appropriate supervision – it is the post event parties that pose the greatest risk for youngsters consuming too much alcohol.

"We are asking parents and guardians to ensure they know where their young people are going after the prom finishes and more importantly, how they are getting home."



County Community Safety Unit