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Don’t give up on giving up alcohol 

Hertfordshire residents are being encouraged not to give up on their New Year’s resolutions to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink.

A new public health campaign seeks to address a pattern that will be familiar to many residents – making a decision at the beginning of the year to drink less or give up for a month, but within a few days or weeks returning to old habits and feeling that it’s all just too difficult.

Hertfordshire Constabulary and Hertfordshire County Council have teamed up to deliver the message: “Don’t give up on giving up!”

Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Localism and Libraries, Teresa Heritage, said: “Most people like a drink from time to time, but this can easily become a habit and before we know it we can be regularly drinking more than recommended levels.Do not give up giving up alcohol

“We know it can be difficult to stick to resolutions but reducing the amount of alcohol we regularly drink can have huge benefits. It can help us sleep better, lose weight and improve the appearance of our skin, not to mention the financial gains and the improvements it can make to our long term health.”

Visit Public Health England’s One You website for more information about how to manage your drinking and download a free drinks tracker app to help you.

You can also follow the hashtag #dontgiveup for more information about the campaign and tips and ideas to keep you on track.

David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, said: “The impact of excessive drinking is frequently felt by our emergency services. This campaign isn’t about telling people how to live their lives, it’s just a reminder that there are many benefits to cutting down the amount of alcohol we drink, both for the individual and for community services. Our messages is simple: ‘Don’t give up on giving up!’”

If you have any concerns about your drinking, please consult your GP.

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One You



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