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Drink too much on a night out?

This Christmas, think about how much you’re drinking when out enjoying the festive season.

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Drinking too much on a night out can have life changing consequences in terms of personal safety and getting into trouble with the police.

If you do drink too much, you’ll not only ruin everyone’s evening but you could face:Download the Get Home Safely Poster

• A criminal record
• An £80 fine for disorder
• A night in the cells
• Living with serious injury to you or somebody else

It’s important to get home safely after a night out and with the festive season traditionally being a busy month in pubs, clubs and restaurants, it’s worth following this common sense advice:

• Plan how you’ll get home and always have a back-up plan
• Never walk home alone and try not to let your friends do so either
• Never get into an unlicensed cab or stranger’s car
• Never get into a car with a driver who’s been drinking alcohol
• If you are driving yourself, the safest option is to drink nothing at all

In order to stay safe on a night out, why not try some of the following tips:

• Save your alcoholic drinks for when you’re also enjoying food
• Enjoy your drink with a spritz of tonic or lemonade
• Try a smaller drink – a smaller bottle of beer instead of a pint and opt for a smaller measure of wine
• Don’t feel pressured to join in rounds – that way you can drink at your own pace

Make sure you and your friends get home safely and have a wonderful festive season.

Christmas 2013

County Community Safety Unit